Sites to Keep Your Baby Safe

Baby in a back seat located child safety seat

Campaign safe childhood-

A flagship campaign of life and pursuit’s foundation, campaign safe childhood is committed towards providing safer and toxin-free world to children. It aims to educate parents about hazardous and toxic chemicals in personal care, food products and toys so that they can make well informed choices. It also aims to petition governments for ineffective and archaic laws to be modified, and stricter regulations be established. This campaign also aims to create awareness so that gullible parents can look beyond false or misleading claims of companies to sell so called ‘safe’ items  labeled ‘sugar-free’ ‘organic’ and ‘all- natural’.

Ask experts-

No need to run to a doctor for simple questions like whether giving a banana to toddler suffering from cough is good, if the baby takes too long to feed, ideal room temperature for one month olds, or sudden fevers.

Baby friendly- 

                      For infants, there is no other super food than mother’s milk. Amaara, an initiative of breast milk foundation and Fortis La Femme is a mother’s milk bank and a none of its kind project in India. The aim is to make quality milk available to all pre-mature and critically-ill babies as in many serious cases; breast milk can be a life-saver. It is also ideal for many mothers to breast-feed their kids due to professional commitments or physiological reasons.




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