Essential and Nutritional Components of Primary Health Care

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In the Alma ate declaration, it is stated that at least the following components should be included in primary health care.

  • Education of the people about prevailing health problems adds methods of preventing and controlling them.
  • Promotion of food supply and proper nutrition.
  • Adequate supply of safe water and basic sanitation.
  • Maternal and Primary health care is an essential health care which should be accessible to all individuals. child health care and family planning.
  • Immunization against major infectious diseases.
  • Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases.
  • Appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries.

People in general, particularly in rural areas and urban slums , are not knowledgeable about health matters, such as what are the prevailing health problems in the community and how to prevent and control them; what are the needs for the maintenance and promotion of health; what are the resources available and how and when to utilize them, etc. educating the people about the prevailing health problems and methods of preventing and controlling them is therefore one of the main task of primary health care functionaries. The government has initiated information, education and communication (IEC) programmed for women.

The WHO has identified a number of supportive activities essential for successful implementation of primary health care, they are-

  • Community involvement and participation.
  • Infra and inert – sect oral coordination.
  • Development of effective referral support.
  • Involvement of managerial processes.
  • Health manpower development.
  • Medical and health services research including innovative approaches.

Hence, appropriate educational programmers are to be organized for different groups of people. Health education to the community should be a prime function of the health workers and village level functionaries. Health education in schools and adult education sessions should incorporate on various health education and methods for their prevention and control.


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